calculator-385506_1280-001Comprehensive Business Services (CBS) offers worry-free payroll processing solutions for your business, ensuring compliance with the law without breaking your bank.  We calculate your payroll, file tax payments, and administer both your retirement plans and worker’s compensation.  Our team provides you with relief from the payroll headache and offers a variety of payroll processing packages. We’re local and all payrolls are managed in-house at our main office, located in Newark, Delaware.  You can be assured that one of our team members is sitting at the other end of the phone when you call us.

What Type of Payroll Service is Best for Your Company?

We offer three general levels of Payroll Service. We can also create a unique payroll solution based on these plans below with additional features and customizations specific to your business’ needs.

  • Full Service Payroll – Includes processing scheduled payroll, processing and transferring deposits, preparing and filing necessary tax forms and preparing quarterly and year-end documents as required by law.
  • Assisted Payroll – Includes processing scheduled payroll and transmitting payroll tax requirements and all other payroll data to your office staff.
  • On-Site Payroll – We will send one of our payroll professionals to you to provide either full or assisted payroll processing services.


Why Outsource Your Payroll? – Managing a payroll may seem simple enough – on the surface.  If you’ve ever managed a payroll yourself – then you know – payroll management is quite complex and very time consuming.  Worse, mistakes of any kind can be costly.

  • Saves Time.  Outsourcing will save you and your employees’ hours of valuable time and allow you to maintain focus on the development and operation of your business.
  • Saves Money.  Outsourcing eliminates the risk of costly tax penalties and paycheck calculation errors. You can even save on labor costs if you’ve been relying on administrative staff to handle your payroll processing.
  • Saves Worry.   Outsourcing to the experts helps avoid common errors and assures that your company is compliant with payroll tax laws and regulations. Federal, state, and local tax withholding regulations change regularly and required quarterly payroll tax reporting must be accurate to avoid penalties.


Why Choose Us to Manage Your Payroll?

We believe that success starts with keeping more of what you earn.  Our Payroll Service is top of the line and gives you what a large payroll company can’t: our undivided attention.  Eliminate costly payroll calculation mistakes, keep your hard earned money, and schedule a consultation with Comprehensive Business Services today.

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Conto_Haupt_Buch_von_Naom_Dedo,_Rauchwarenhändler_in_Leipzig_(1872-1889)-13What Will I Have to Do to Prepare the Payroll for You?

Not much.  Since we offer both traditional and web-based payroll processing services that include calculation of paycheck and tax obligations for each employee, direct deposit, or printed paychecks with pre-authorized signature, and payroll reports provided directly to management, the only thing that you have to do is track your employees’ hours.


Specifically, What Payroll Services Do You Provide?

Here is a detailed list of what we do for our standard payroll clients:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Check printing and signing
  • Tax compliance management
  • Quarterly and annual reports
  • Timely deposits of quarterly and annual taxes
  • Pay-as-you-go options for workers compensation
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Record retention
  • Management of payroll deductions, including garnishments and retirement funds


I Need More Service for My Payroll, What Are Your Customized Services*?

Here are some of the features we’ve designed for other clients’ payrolls:

  • Review and entry of time records provided by [you/the client/management]
  • Support for a wide range of pay types such as:
  • Hourly & Overtime calculations, Salary, Sick and Vacation Pay, Bonuses, Commissions, 1099 vendor payments, Expense reimbursements, Fringe benefits, and more
  • Digital or paper payroll reports provided each and every payroll
  • Pay stubs and paper checks ready for pick up
  • Ability to enter time records from anywhere that you have internet access
  • Ability to see and edit employee information anytime
  • Employee access to view and print pay stubs
  • Access to view payroll data and reports anytime and anywhere


*Additional payroll-related services that may carry separate fees include, check stuffing into window envelopes, customized management reports, paycheck delivery, W-2 and 1099 form preparation.

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